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The intention of this work is to address matters of Interactive Fiction's craft and theory; to review where IF has recently been, and offer some thoughts as to where it may go; to pull together some of the seminal discussion on Interactive Fiction, and to commission new material to advance our understanding.

As far as craft is concerned, it will take up more or less where Graham Nelson's Inform Designer's Manual (4th edition) leaves off: the content of this work should be accessible and useful to designers working in any IF language, and cover issues of more general interest. Anything pertaining to technical coding issues is beyond the scope of this book.

As for the theoretical side, it is our intention to take up some of the issues about IF of interest to the academic community, but to address them in a way that will be accessible and informative to the general reader. This is first and foremost a book for the readership of rec.*.int-fiction; anything that does not in some way shed light on the writing or playing of interactive fiction is also beyond the scope of the book.

Jan 13, 2005 update: David has moved the Glossary Wiki to a new location.

Style Guidelines and Suggestions for Authors.
Additional Resources for Author Research.

List of accepted articles. A little preview of what we expect to publish.
Theorybook Glossary Wiki. This is a community project to build up a glossary for the book. You too may sign up and contribute terms for definition, and/or modifications to existing definitions.


Publisher David Cornelson
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Additional Editors Jon Ingold
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